Tuesday, July 26, 2016

GoldMine : Defining Mentitems

It may sound a little strange; why would we ever want to remove Menu Items from GoldMine? If anything, we are usually looking to add items, have it "do more" for us.

Sometimes, however, less is more. Especially if we are now talking about a new user. Especially if we have put into place a good data model with supporting standards and practices. Certainly, at the least we need to "lock up" the sharp tools to prevent catastrophic mistakes from happening.

Here's how it works; one a per-user basis, you may remove specific menu items.

1. Select Tools | Users Settings

2. Select the user you'd like to Edit, select Properties

3. Select the Menu Tab

4. Use the Menu Tree to Enable or Disable single menu items for the User

5. You may save this Menu "Template" by clicking Save. This makes it easy to create one "end user" Template and then apply it to other users.