Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ZOHO CRM - Manage Data Sharing

If you have a multi-user system, you may want to segregate your data such that for example, your sales people can only see their own data, but sales managers are able to see all sales people's data.  You can achieve this using ROLES.

Settings-> Users and Permissions

Click Roles

There are two default roles, CEO and manager, where Manager reports to CEO.

Rename Manager to Sales Manager (hover over manager, and click on the center clipboard icon to edit)

Create Sales person Role:

  • Click New Role button
  • Enter Sales person as Role name
  • Choose Sales manager as reports to
  • Leave 'share data with peers' box unchecked
  • Save

Assign roles to the appropriate users.  

Also - make sure your Data Sharing Settings (Settings->Users and Permissions->Data Sharing Settings) are set to Private.


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