Thursday, August 25, 2016

ZOHO CRM 2016 - Change is good!

Have you had the courage yet to try Zoho CRM 2016?  It can be disorienting sometimes getting used to a new user interface, especially if you've been using the application for a while, but I'm telling you it's really worth it!

Every day with the new system I'm finding little things that make using Zoho even easier to use.

Here are three  examples:

Favoriting Reports - Now you can click a little star next a report name and it will pin the report to the top of the report list so it's easier to find!

Template Versioning Notes - When you update a template, you now have the option to include notes of what updates you made.

Applying Discounts - you can now right click the arrow next to line item discounts and either enter a flat percentage, a flat amount or select a pricebook.

Switch over today and let us know what cool new features you find!


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