Thursday, August 25, 2016

ZOHO CRM 2016 - Change is good!

Have you had the courage yet to try Zoho CRM 2016?  It can be disorienting sometimes getting used to a new user interface, especially if you've been using the application for a while, but I'm telling you it's really worth it!

Every day with the new system I'm finding little things that make using Zoho even easier to use.

Here are three  examples:

Favoriting Reports - Now you can click a little star next a report name and it will pin the report to the top of the report list so it's easier to find!

Template Versioning Notes - When you update a template, you now have the option to include notes of what updates you made.

Applying Discounts - you can now right click the arrow next to line item discounts and either enter a flat percentage, a flat amount or select a pricebook.

Switch over today and let us know what cool new features you find!


James Lackey said...

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WilliamRose said...

Could you please update me on ZOHO CRM 2017? I am just curious if there is already a new version of ZOHO interface?

Yeah, I love that feature with reports about ZOHO which makes it easier when I write my essay and need fast report and it enables me to find a report on report list real quick.

Alan Cory With Known said...

It is great but does you have the idea about what changes have done of the new version of ZOHO CRM on 2017? I'm searching for the same but there are not enough data available till today.

You can update me here at: or can reply on this thread as well.