Tuesday, September 6, 2016

GoldMine : Using Colors in Expressions

I would like to make certain fields more visible to users based on the importance of the field. Is this difficult?

If you have already identified what fields are important for users to notice, then it is actually very easy. One of the most effective ways to make fields stand out is by using color to grab the user's attention.

For example, there may be fields you want users to notice when it is filled in. For these fields, make the data red.

If you want users to also notice certain fields when they are not filled in, then make the label red.

Here’s how to do both:

The first example, making the data in a field a specific color is the easiest. Right click on the field and select Properties. In the Color tab, assign a 'Fixed Color' to the 'Data Color'.

In the second example, to make the label stand out if the field is empty, requires an expression that will remove a special label color when the field data has been filled in. Here’s the expression you need and where it goes.

Note: The following expression will make the Source field label red if it is empty and black if it is not empty.

Right click on the field > select Properties
On the Color tab, select Expression under Label Color

iif(Empty(CONTACT1->source), 255, 0)

Your expressions can be much more advanced, for example, controlling the color of one field based on the value in another field. So, instead of using GoldMine's default colors, use specific colors to catch your users’ attention.


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